Tehran city – Tehran Video

i miss Tehran!

20 Responses to “Tehran city – Tehran Video”

  1. MongBadeSatoAfghana says:

    nice song! :)

  2. martin bamdad says:

    Dealam vase vatanam , Va vase shahram lak zade
    Nabood beshe in jomhoorie eslami ke Iraniha ro avare karde

  3. jimmy786UK says:

    Long live Iran from Pakistan

  4. jGj51 says:

    ey y ma ke hamintoor darim as doori IRAN mimirim emsham digeh bad tar ba didan in ghazaha delemon ab shod.

  5. infoshayan says:

    2 saal shod ,  delam kheyli tang shode barat tehran !

  6. MyFarhan007 says:

    Iran , Pakistan says Salam to you. we Pakistanis have great love for all our Iranian brothers.

  7. chohreh says:

    For my generation it’s over. I wish happiness and freedom to the young Persian generation in Iran; listening to this song makes me realize how much I miss my country. Lovely song M;Ghomeishi

  8. Perz- CyrusTheGreat says:

    Good work
    I miss Tehran :(
    FREE IRAN !!!

  9. tor370 says:

    I miss you too!

  10. zapxful says:

    hahahha pofak namaki !! i miss you pofak

  11. nodeterin says:

    Cheghad avvalesh meydun aryashahr dare! delam baraye bugande dud o gasoil lak zad!
    chera hich kas az khyabun enghelab, bulvar keshavarz, jashnvare fajr, terafike meydun 7tir ya pole karimkhan o vila ax nemizare? delam havaye khyabun enghelab kardeeeee…

  12. samiiilad says:

    dare baba

  13. unf0rgivenp says:

    :((( be omide peyvastane hameye Iraniaye kharej az keshvar be Iraniane AZADE dakhele Iran. BE OMIDE AZADIE IRAN!!!! IRAN doset daram.

  14. mara235 says:

    I wish peace on the land of Iran – may you find your freedom.

  15. DEnakAyPoUR says:

    I WANT TO GO SOOO MUCH! – It looks so beautiful – allthoug all of the troubles going on over there.. :(
    Happy new year!.
    & Iran keep it op, The whole world are suporting !..
    Best wish’s & a big hug from Denmark.

  16. AbuLulu2 says:

    Bah Bah,
    Fafghat Chaghale badoom nadareh :-(

  17. besmartok says:

    oh man im so dam hungry. bekhoda age shod roozi beram iran mesla in naded badea faghat mikham ghaza bokhoram goge sabz khodaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    akhhhhh yadesh vaghan bekhir

  18. iranianborn says:

    great video and song, thanks for the upload…i miss it so much

  19. iranianborn says:

    great video, thanks for the upload…god i miss it sooooooooo much

  20. BonaFide8552 says:

    Despite of all the problems going on there, I have to say that it is one of the greatest cities in the world I have seen so far.


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