Full Documentary – Tehran, Iran – Life in Iran – Tehran Video

Full Documentary - Tehran, Iran - Life in Iran

This documentary follows an Australian tourist who travels to Tehran for the first time; it depicts different aspects of life in Iran’s capital, from art and…

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    He’s all tense like they are trying to kill him or something. This western
    propaganda is really quite comical. 

  2. I’ll Rather live in Iran than Israel

    From France

  3. When there are bunch of fucking jealous insecure peoples spewing bullshit
    about you it shows you’re on a correct track to keep going,

  4. the hell with all these leaders for the past 60 years whom made life hell
    for iranians weather they hated usa or fancied to go to bed with usa.

  5. Ed Sheeran goes to Tehran. lol.

  6. As much as I would like to go to this part of the world I wonder about
    certain customs besides the women(my American gf) having their heads
    covered. I want to enjoy the visit without causing any potential issues.

  7. Evil Ideology of Islam. I live inside Iran and I can promise you that Islam
    is finished in the heart and minds of majority of ordinary people who live
    inside. Its just a matter of time for this truly Terrorist Islamic Regime
    to be overthrown by Iranian people and then Islam will be berried in the
    land of Iranzamin. In near future after the overthrow of Islamic Republic
    Regime anyone still wanting to believe in this false religion have to keep
    it in their HOMES as a private matter….

  8. why chose a tour guid a woman, stupid shias

  9. testis

  10. I have to admit this is a good documentary & it proves that IRI Islamist
    Police State International TV (Press TV) does not only produce propaganda
    documentaries & news, yet it is capable of also producing substantial
    documentaries! We must be fair & give credit when due, even to IRI
    Propaganda TV.

  11. Salaam Perisan friends! I want to come and check out Tehran and another
    place I hear good things about Isfahan, i’m coming from London UK… Any
    advice greatly appreciated!

  12. Zhara is so cute.

  13. HELP !!!!!!!
    I warn iranian people against importers of pseudo western democracy :
    born and live in berlin until now. but enough is enough!
    in germany is a sneaky pseudo democracy and extreme hypocritical
    corruption, probably as a pioneer for europe.
    i really have many obvious prove. i am witness.
    all fake rule of law in germany. the germans are slaves!
    you dont believe? it will grow and grow, but they want to hide it.
    they work secret like scientology and stasi against respectable honest
    citizen like me!
    i do not understand why me!!

    … gonna get back to my roots – iran! first finish my video.

  14. Tehran is so beautiful and culturally vibrant !! From the day I finished
    reading the book “The blood of flowers” which is about the art of rug
    making.. I am looking forward to visit Isfahan and Tehran. Hope I will
    make some persian friends this semester who could accompany me to Iran.
    Though I would love to have a cute guide like Zhara.
    If by any chance you are Persian living in Berlin please drop me an email.
    I am a math student at TU Berlin.

  15. Very amateur work. The best documentary on Iran is ‘BBC Iran behind the


  17. i usually dont nag about free things and this movie was free to watch. but
    the camera and filming was horrible. This whole documentary is very

  18. When I watched this it seemed like it was staged. No hard hitting
    questions, the guy who said he was a journalist had props like the camera.
    I am sure the ministry of information wrote out and approved all of the
    location shoots, and the people being interviewed. Why didnt we get to look
    at their penal and justice systems.


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