Not quite the royal treatment: Queen’s birthday mocked in Tehran exhibition – Tehran Video

published: 2019-06-11 19:10:06

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An exhibition of satirical cartoons opened in Tehran on Tuesday, ridiculing a British Embassy event in held in Iran in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

Director of Hozeh Honari Visual Arts Centre Kourosh Zarei explained that the title, ‘Keep Calm, I am the Queen,’ was a “reaction of revolutionary cartoonists towards the ceremony,” which charged guests £ 2500 pounds (US$3182) to attend. He accused the British embassy of perpetuating colonialist attitudes in the region.

Summarising the sentiments of the exhibition, Zarei asked “she’s not our Queen – so why would they want to hold this ceremony here with Iranians’ money? Hold it in your own country and pay for it with your own money.”

Artworks included a less-than-flattering depiction of the Queen entering a missile containing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi King Salman and US President Donald Trump, as well as the Union Jack with devil’s pitchforks and fox tails hidden behind it – symbolising the “old fox” of Britain.

The exhibition will run until June 26.

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  1. LOL they mock Western Civilization and Jesus Christ, why would the Queen be spared.

  2. what was the meaning of last picture when all chairs are empty

  3. For those who don't understand the context: We Iranians don't like the British Empire because the British empire was responsible for colonizing us for centuries, disintegrating our country, looting our resources, and killing millions of Iranians. During the WWI famines in Iran the British empire caused the intentional death of nearly 40% of Iran's population by looting our food supplies. To this very day the British nation has not only not apologized for their endless list of crimes against Iran, they continue to try to hurt Iran in any way they possibly can.

  4. Hahaha,……… Big news for Russell's mom……

  5. you can dish it … but can you take it ??

  6. they want to show that they are not British puppets, but whom are they kidding.

  7. een martike khodesh karikator eh hahaha


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