Washington got slap in the face from Tehran! Why U.S. afraid to start war vs Iran? – Tehran Video

published: 2019-06-24 04:42:45

Washington got slap in the face from Tehran! Why U.S. afraid to start war vs Iran?
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  1. America only attacks a divided weak country….
    Iranians are united!

  2. Love the music that is played in the video

  3. Who is the USA going to get to talk to Iran for them. I imagine "Abe" of Japan has told the USA to get stuffed after the way the USA carried on when he was in Iran trying to talk to the Iranians.
    Nobody in there right mind would ever do a deal with the USA. Never honours it word.

  4. Good video but the war will happen!
    The parasitic life form who own north america want it, so it will happen this year.

  5. Iran is powerful country,and they know the advanting of Usa is only in the air…. Ground war for Usa is disaster …. Beacuse Iran is not Iraq… Greethings to our Iranian brothers from Serbia💪💪💪…. No surender!!!!

  6. America is going on the same way of Nazi Germany and Iran will be it Stalingrad battle

  7. It never fails to amaze me the way our partners the US, (as we say in Russia) Stand on the same rake twice.~ Vladimir Putin 2015

    LOL So so TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The United States must "Rise above their endless desire to dominate" ~ Vladimir Putin 2015

  9. Iran is not Vn, Iraq or Afghanistan.
    Iran is a heavy weight.

  10. 👑 Salut de France.
    Béatrice la royaliste

  11. USrael whore master is using FALSE FLAGS , ASSASSINATIONS ,SANCTIONS and HUNGER as a WEAPON for THE WHOLE World COLONISATION to enslave its population and to have TOTAL CONTROL over strategic assets !!!
    The Solution: GET THE NUKES IRAN ASAP and be SAFE from bulling ….
    It did worked just fine for N Korea to stop the Zionist parasites from attacking their country !!
    ——The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandist initiative. From the A Hitler Mein Kampf " Bible"
    So TRUE NOW in 2019 with the current USrael criminal adventures !
    PS: Disarm the aggressive Jews and Iran will reconsider its options !!!

  12. Usa did'n attacked iran due to its malitery power in the region iran is a big player on the middle east in allover the middle esat iran have it gorallia forceses around the region such as in pleastin Hamas and in lebonan Hizbullah the greates alli which defeat isreal witin 32 day war in iran nighbouring country iraq hasid us shabi force in yeman Hotie and the al quids force is also a big threat for america let's discuss american history of war in 20th and 21th century around the world we begin from vetinam war 1955 america biddly deaft by her and at leat 5000 soldier died and injured after vetinam war the second war which is indirectly iran through iraq with 8year war and in the begging of 21 century america bloody war with afghastan 2003 which is continued till now investment of 5trillon dollar and thousand of us soldiervs kill and now they are call off war in afghanistan and in south american country venezula american intervention in regional issues on venuzlla and try to coup in venuzulla the usa fall and usa also try to coup on ite regional ally turkey in 2016 it is the little nutshell of failuer of usa arround the world and in case of iran if usa have power to over thrown iran the he change the regim at aerelyer on rovelution 1979 usa not be able to attak iran due to its regional power and its strongest ally such russia and china is nomated.

  13. Does Iran has any S-300 or S-400?

  14. Yep ,,, You totally right Borzz… Iran slapped UZZZA in the FACE … Iranian military forces are ready for the fight if that is what the UZZZA wants …When Trump said that he didn't attack Iran because he didn't want to kill (150) innocent Iranians .. I knew right away that was bullshit … Since when the UZZZA cares for the innocents lifes ? .. Exactly , NEVER …. The american military knows they are going to bite the dust in Iran .. Iran will defeat UZZZA and the whole region will stand up for Iran … Remember guys – Iran is NOT alone.. Iran have very powerful friends … Iran allies are not just allies – They are FRIENDS ….Like BROTHERS and SISTERS .. A brotherhood alliance ….Thanks Borzz.. I enjoy your news updates videos…

  15. What I don't understand is the US narration. If the US drone was shot down over international airspace, how could Iran possibly collect the debris and put them on display when there is a presence of a mighty US naval fleet including aircraft carriers on standby in the surrounding area? 😂

  16. Why not use the S300? Because Intel chips used have a mossad back door.
    Iran has figured it out.
    So is Russia letting Israel defeat S300 systems?

  17. you may slap once again and again and again.
    oh dear…

  18. Thanks for your insight, Mr. Borzzikman!

  19. If United States of evil Jewish start war with Iran it would be and off these toxic garbage Jewish.

  20. I'm doubt over the U.S. →

  21. Fire against Iran and see the magic. They are militarily super strong and are brave not like US cowards. Also it will initiate WW3 and end of zionist states US and Israel. US civilians must wake up from zionists control. Dont die for the satanic warmongering zionists. They are dajjal ( anti christ ) supporters and as prophesied , will be destructed totally.

  22. Never say never.. The US is now totally (!!) controlled by Jewonists. Even Netanyahu seem to have more power in the US than Trump.
    Trump is only put there to make people think that they have a choice and voice.
    You see Jewonists elites in the pentagon pushing for war. Trump is just their puppet. US people don't want any war. Israel does. And they will get it. A few false flags and staged events will do the trick. As always, Israel will stage some attack that the US will HAVE TO react to . But hey…Only ignorant dumb US Goy will fight and return in body bags. It is however a huge mistake to proceed with war. Iran is no walk over scenario. Precision strikes? Retaliated by a few sinking US ships probably.

  23. BMAN keep em flowin, dude, don't mess with the decendants of King Darius, Trump.

  24. Next time Iran try hacking into one.

  25. Приветствую друзья! It is the US who has shown mercy. The US felt the loss of Iranian lives over an unmanned drone isn't worth it!
    It's Iran that wanted to talk when Trump gave the go ahead and bomb the crap out of some military installations, but the leader
    of Iran begged for mercy! My friends, the US has demonstrated restraint during these tense military engagements.
    Soon, our patients will run out and the US will bomb Iran without mercy!
    Keep smiling now, because they will soon turn to tears and Iran will become a desolate country!

  26. This is part of The Deep State Vs. Trump !

    ? You had a video about the people living on California's streets, where's has it gone?


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