What a war with Iran could look like – Tehran Video

published: 2019-06-24 13:46:44

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BAKU – Tension between Washington and Tehran are once again at their peak after two oil tankers were attacked on June 13th near the entrance to the Persian Gulf. The incidents were the second in a month, and US officials were quick to blame Iran but cited no proof. Iran, meanwhile, denied any wrongdoing. Although it’s unclear what exactly happened, the event has stoked fears that a military confrontation between Iran and the United States is imminent. Truth, however, is the first casualty of war and so it matters little what truly happened. Yet, miscalculation, misinterpretation and bad judgement can conspire to turn a minor clash into a full-blown fight. What we want to know is how a hypothetical conflict between Iran and the United States would play out.

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  2. Great video, your next one should be about how problematic is for America a war with Bahamas.

  3. The USA needs do dispose of the neocon chicken-hawks. Lets flush John Bolton first.

  4. Trump tweets to bypass FakeNews propaganda and we the American people love his tweets

  5. Not to mention unforeseen, miscalculated, bad luck, and shit happens!

  6. Impressive overall, although too dry and heavily biased in favor of Realpolitik for my taste. I would take issue with the moral equivalence between Iran and the US (even with the orange buffoon at the helm). You also used very neutral terms when you discussed Israel and Hezbollah instead of bluntly saying that Hezbollah will most likely retaliate against Israel without any provocation from the latter, with Iran likely joining in as well. I, for once, think there's nothing wrong in taking out Iran's nuclear facilities and crippling their military a couple dozen years back. Heck, Israel will also likely come in for the ride to make sure the nuclear sites are rendered useless for many years to come. Russia will replenish Iran's weapons in no time, but we will finally settle the debate over who's got a bigger ****: S-400 or US stealth aircraft and cruise missiles. I would put my money on the latter.

  7. Sabre rattling Trump wants to start a little war to boost his sagging % in the polls leading up to an election 5 months away

  8. I have been wondering in the event the Strait of Hormuz is shut due to a war, can Iran send its oil north over the Caspian Sea to Russia and ultimately to China. This shuts down Saudi Arabia but continues Iran's oil exports in a limited way, keeps China's factories going, and in return, China and Russia backs Iran with weapons, logistics and advisers, and even the possibility of joint Sino-Russian intervention (Russia and China have far less distance to get to the front than the US) placing Iran under a Sino-Russian nuclear umbrella. Even if we consider that countries act in their own interests, Iran is simply too big and too important a piece for Russia and China to allow to fall to US domination (Iran sits right in the middle of all the trade routes China and India intend to build across Eurasia). If there comes a time when a red line has to be drawn, with Russia and China saying to the US they cannot step over the line without joint Sino-Russian response, an attack on Iran would be the time to step in and confront the US.

  9. I hope the UK stays out of this one because i am joining the British army 😐

  10. Iran will win and blow your shit out ! You coward bitches will leave the middle east to their real owners IRAN! No more american bases, no more saudis, emiratis and bahrainis puppets! No more izrahell zionists !
    A war will lead to your doom zionist bitches 😎

  11. You did not mention the Russian and Chinese reaction. They wouldn't mind bloodying America's nose.

  12. i hope the us attacks will be the final blow of the terriosts in washington

  13. Iran plays the game on home turf.
    The US's biggest and worst enemy in the region is how far away it is from them.
    If the Iranians strike decisively and preemptively, rendering all local US resources useless, the war is over.
    It would be a direct confrontation between the local players until the US restores its presence, and the outcome does not bode well for the Arabs.

  14. How come you didn’t even mention Russia or China?

  15. Ladies and gentleman, Boyce n girls, let’s get ready to ruuuuuummmbbbbbbbbble

  16. I can't bring myself to believe that after the Iraq war we are going to war with Iran. Jesus Christ. Get John Fucking Bolton OUT OF THERE.

  17. Think about the most violent, corrupt, uncivilized, and undemocratic places on Earth. South America, Africa, Middle East. What do they have in common? It’s hot as hell. Makes people behave irrationally. Avoid the heat people. Good day.

  18. You said that quote no plan survives first contact with the Enemy end quote. That's so true. Or is Mike Tyson used to say Everybody's Got A Plan until they get hit in the face


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