French envoy in Tehran in bid to 'de-escalate' Iran crisis – Tehran Video

published: 2019-07-10 12:27:11

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French envoy Emmanuel Bonne is in Tehran on another attempt to convince Iran to come back into compliance with the landmark 2015 deal as the IAEA convenes an emergency meeting in Vienna Wednesday on Iran’s nuclear programme.

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  1. Remember the signing ceremony ?
    The Iranian FM throwing his head back laughing, after Iran won the jackpot
    with Obama's deal. That seems like a long time ago.
    Oh, how the Ayatollah wishes he could recapture that euphoric moment when
    they out-witted the West.

  2. sending French/EU diplomats is an attempt to further deceive Iran, in order to rob them from their rights and plunder their wealth, if EU really wanted to abide by 2015 agreement, why companies who were very active in Iran for 60 years such as Mercedes and Peugeot they left in 2017 even before the sanctions, why UK pirates Iran's oil tanker with the obvious lie that was destined to Syria, why asking Iran with the barter trade that they themselves know it will not work, why Iran's deposits of nearly $100billion is not returned by UK.
    EU is not trustworthy and they have not shown slightness indicator that they want to keep the agreement, they are just buying time.

  3. Freanch governments are American dogs .
    Dont trust them

  4. "Crisis"? What Crisis? Who is in Crisis? Escilation is part of Negotation which will likely continue until more Amicable relationships can be formed through Diplomatic Processes. De-escillaton appears to be counter productive in terms of reaching sustained balance of understanding and better relations between the US and Iran.

  5. Economic war before bombing war.

  6. Let Iran doing what its wanted. Collapse is the best way.

  7. When is France going to abide by the agreement and reimpose its sanctions?


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